The treatment that you are receiving can be simple and with at least facilities or by high-level facilities with a nice brand of implants with a digital prosthesis that is suitable for the location of the implant.

In implant treatment, in so many countries normally should do an implant and put it, stitch the gum after visiting and radiology photo, so then, after several months the abutment will be put (the second part of the implant) and then the proses of making the frame for them will begin. but digital implantation is based on the newest methods in the world, which is so costly for treatment cure which is completely different from the old one. you can see the levels of implant treatment below:

ایمپلنت به روش دیجیتال - ایملنت دیجیتال دکتر علیرضا رضایی

After primary visiting:

  1. Internal palatal scans will be taken only by using the world modern scanners in which we can have a three-dimensional shape of one or both jaws.
  2. 2) Three-dimensional radiography photo (CBCT): for checking of bones.

1) Computerized files of internal palatal scan and CBCT will be surveyed in modern software for implant treatment.

2) All the existed problems in teeth of the jaw such as infections and putrefaction especially on the adjacent teeth that will be checked as quickly as possible, then, they will be sent to the patients as a movie or photo by telegram or WhatsApp and…

3) The bone density of the area is specified by software’s and we will be designed a suitable treatment based on the shape of the patient bone.

4) The future tooth of the patient(prosthesis) is designed by software in a primary level, and then the position of it, the bone of area and also the jaw will be checked, so it will be the best tooth that he or she can have in future.

5) A necessary implant that is considered as the base of your implant, that will be placed in the best position in the bone with the appropriate soft tissue support (gums). In the implantation, the software’s the necessary measure for the protection of blood vessels, sinus or maxillary sinuses will be considered and, if there be any deficiencies, the program will not allow the construction of a surgical guide to be done

the pattern of implant based on the patient`s jaw is designed by a surgical guide and will be created by three-dimensional printer devices or CDA/CAM milling.

The rest of the treatment will be continued in another software and it’ll be built for a customized abutment.

The second piece that will be placed on the implant is very important and it’s Precious in every different aspect. Depending on the condition of the patient’s jaw and gum, we can first design the permanent or temporary coatings and then build them.

It should be noted that all these processes would be performed before the patient implantation. at the inserting the implant, we don’t need any surgery for seeing the bone, In addition, with the help of the surgical guide, we’ll only punch the implant in the targeted area.

At the time of implantation, if the patient has sufficient bone and other conditions suitable, he can receive his permanent prosthesis at the same session.

This process is fully treated through the telegram, WhatsApp and … a day before the implantation. Will be said.

planting time, the permanent prosthesis will be planted at that session and this process will be announced to patients by telegram or whats app before visiting in office.

we can just put the implant and abutment for one tooth or even for the whole jaw only in one session without chapping the gum, meanwhile, we are able to deliver the permanent or temporary coverage which is made based on the most modern implantation treatment.

It should be noted that in the most optimistic ways, even the best implantation surgeons in the world will Commit 35% error‏  by viewing the 3D radiographic images (CBCT), But in the digital method, the error rate will be less than 1%.

in another treatment in the world, the best surgeon makes mistake about 35% in implantation surgery although they see three-dimensional radiography in digital treatment, this mistake is below the zero.

the customized abutment is similar to your missed teeth in size and in color and the metal parts of your implant are hidden by gum erosion but in normal abutment is completely visible. using of zirconia for the building of customized abutment caused the gum will be healthier and have a normal shape such as real gum and the stick of implant will not be initiated to below of gum and also there are a lot of advantages.