One of the modern methods in dentistry is digital laminate, designing, producing and doing that with high accuracy at the least time. Dr. Rezaei `s office is one of the centers that synchronous with other countries in this case by using of best materials such as Vita company in Germany; it can do all the parts of laminate such as scanning, designing, building, and delivery just in one session by minimum lathing.

laminate is one of the modern methods of treatment and beauty for solving apparent problems. this method is one of the most common methods in celebrities because of spending less time in the rest of other treatments. laminate is installed on your teeth one by one and change your smile. in the process of installing and performance, we should do an important part to design a beautiful smile. laminates can cover the front surface of teeth and totally they are 1 millimeter or less than it, and also it uses for solving the problems of anterior teeth. laminates can be either ceramic or composite.

composite laminate: 

Advantages: it seems that we don`t need to lathe the whole surface of teeth but it just can use for removing the surface stain of anterior teeth.

Disadvantages: When you use of composite for full coverage of teeth surface, it would be break or cut the rim or change in color. composite generally can be changed in color or appearance

because of its structure.

ceramic laminate:

Ceramic laminate is built in two methods: in-office or clinics which aren`t used of a CAD/CAM system. firstly, the lathing of teeth is done that is one of the old methods and then making a frame would be done; this method is performed in a laboratory-based on ceramic powders which doesn’t have high accuracy like new methods. so, this situation would be so risky for teeth because of the sort of material and deep lathing and a long time before doing laminate; so teeth need to endo in most of the time.

At Dr.Rezaei digital dentistry office, first, the three-dimensional scan is provided and the primary make up is done; then, the primary design is performed on the patient`s face in” smile design” software. this software is determined the lathing of teeth and their difference; and crooked, inappropriate or those teeth which need to resize will be determined and notified to patient.

In the next level, lathing is done in as quickly as possible and doing rescan to provide final designing by accuracy Sirona scanners; so the patient is able to see all the changes.

The patient can see the size and position of teeth and compare with others and give his/her idea at this level. if these changes were possible for the patient`s teeth, it would be done and then designing will be performed.

After accomplishment designing and send them to modern milling devices(Dentsply Sirona are built in Germany and America), they start preparing laminate. Dr.Rezaei`s dentistry office in Rasht has four milling machines to build digital laminate. these devices have special characteristics and high accuracy insofar as can lathe 0/2mm on the ceramic. this high speed and accuracy make us capable to produce one ceramic laminate in 8 minutes by mailing, and also make 20 laminate in one session at least time.

accuracy is really high in this way; so we are able to present high and original material and fewer mistakes in producing laminate