the dentistry center of Dr. Ali Reza Rezaei is the pioneer of orthodontic treatment in Iran and uses of modern orthodontic software. in this treatment, the patient can see all the processes such as the final result and how to move the teeth in a three-dimensional photo. the principled orthodontic treatment needs to different analysis on either three dimensional photo of jaw or radiography to predicate the final movement and final treatment. in the dentistry center of Dr. Rezaei we can analyze position of teeth by using of modern software in the world and scanning of up and down jaw and also we announce the period of treatment and the digital photo will be shown after treatment.vvv

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which is responsible for correction place of teeth. it means that if  your teeth in the time of closing mouth or chewing, aren`t in suitable place, orthodontics can correct the place of them and solve the problems of order and arrangement and placing of teeth in your jaw; in this situation, patient can eat food with high quality and enjoying of talking and smiling.

In old methods of orthodontic, firstly we had to make a frame of the mouth of a patient and the process of treatment wasn’t predicted, but in digital method, w can predict exactly the process of treatment by scanning, putting inside camera from mouth and make three dimensional models of your teeth in software devices.

1) at first, we create a three-dimensional scan of teeth and gum of patient mouth.

2) in this three-dimensional scan, at first the size of the teeth are determined and analyzed and also the free space, the extra one or needing to a toothpick or not would determine; so the patient can see the position of his/her teeth and compare the differences before orthodontic.

3) we can do the analysis of bones and determine the position of teeth into both jaws and find the existing growing problems in the jaw by two or three-dimensional photos.

4) After doing the above processes, intended positions are put in the jaw and computers can rebuild teeth and gum to determine the appearance after differences in three-dimensional photos.

5) Finally, soft wares can make a short video for patients from the processes of treatment to show all differences in the period of treatment. we will send these photos and videos to patients from our office to show all processes in one video. we can also predict the time of treatment by soft wares although the cooperation of the patient is really important.

we can do the orthodontic treatment by steady and flexible methods. although we can build flexible transparent stents to move teeth or orthodontic treatment or for final retainer; but also can help us for putting brackets on the teeth. the brackets will be determined and arranged, so when a patient is being visited, they will be installed.

this software helps us to build exact bite plaques for controlling the pain of joints and the exact night guard for people who suffer from Brace.

  • the orthodontic strings are very subtle and sensitive; so you should brush them carefully to not hurt or break them.
  • Avoid consuming snacks containing sugar and Carbonated drinks.
  • sticky and tight food can hurt your strings and increase your duration of treatment and sometimes needs more cost.
  • Avoid chewing gum, chocolate and candy.
  • in exercising time that it may hurt your strings, use of special protection for your mouth; especially for kids.
  • If your orthodontic device broke, you would visit your doctor. if one part of strings exited of the place and annoyed you, you would push them to return to its place. if it wasn`t feasible, you would put some soft wax on the broken and sharp place to not hurt your lips or mouth, until visiting your doctor.
  • Regular visits for changing arched string orthodontic, supervision on the treatment duration are really vital.
  • And finally, brush your teeth at night and at least once per day and if you seek for extra care, you can use Mouthwash liquid too.