In digital prosthesis, an intended tooth will be scanned by a three-dimensional scanner and pictures are transferred to computers. the relevant software presents a three-dimensional scanned photo of the survey jaw of the patient, besides teeth, front jaw and touchable area, then the best teeth that patients can have will be designed. after that, the order of making prosthesis is given to milling; and then it will make prosthesis ceramic stone just in 10 minutes, whereas in the traditional methods you need three sessions visits or more.

ایمپلنت به روش دیجیتال - ایملنت دیجیتال دکتر علیرضا رضایی

There is a lot of prosthesis in the world, from very simple coverage for teeth restoration to complete prosthesis for replacement of teeth that are called artificial teeth. the main reason for using a prosthesis is rebuilding or improvement in chewing. so, the prosthesis is really vital for missing teeth and having beautiful teeth again.

In traditional methods, first, we should make a frame from the teeth and then sent it to the laboratory, after that prosthesis will be built based on the primary frame and finally they will be sent to the dentist. after the preparation of prosthesis, the dentist tests them on a patient`s mouth for being suitable or stuck ways. this process may take about three weeks.

In the past years, we could do some prosthesis treatments such as the building of teeth coverage, laminate, inlet or outlet and short bridge by a CAD/CAM system. development of technology has really high speed in our lives; this also happened in dentistry, which means we can do more than 90 percent treatment by processes or three-dimensional soft wares. the advantages of digital prosthesis include increasing of treatment time in all the parts, treatment in one session, increasing accuracy in treatment by computers, the accuracy of made coverage and its matching to teeth.

in these methods, dentists can use of their creation, and the possibility of contamination or infection would be decreased. accuracy, high speed, patient`s comfort and being non-attacking way, make all dentists use these methods in the future.

The use of dentate coatings for root canal treatment (Endodontic therapy), doesn`t have any place in digital dentistry because the rottenness infiltrated in enamel and also tusk of teeth; whereas we need to lathe teeth to enter pulp and find root of teeth, in this situation, only a bit of tusk and enamel has remained. imagine that this remained teeth would be lathed for coverage. Dental coat, especially PFM (a model with ceramic and metal), has a lobe around the tooth that causes germs to accumulate and the health of the gums. this is one of the factors for decreasing teeth life and the patient should take care of them correctly.

In the center of digital dentistry Dr. Alireza Rezaei in the beautiful city of Rasht, using the technology of the day, the in-lay and on-lay posts are created as the best coating for Endodontic teeth, which, in addition to maintaining the tooth structure and high precision in the margin areas of the prosthesis, Increases teeth life. Digital science is so helpful to patients in various parts of the dentistry treatments only by knowing the details patients will never Be Looking for the old traditional treatments ones.

  • When the prosthesis is delivered to the patient, although the welding of the prosthesis is done, the bone doesn`t have enough endurance to bear the pressure. so, we recommend to eat soft meals in the first months; and after a while, they should be eaten the usual meal step by step.
  •  If pressure were normal after putting implants, it would be increased in density; but if pressure were high, implants would be separated and finally unsteady.
  • Brushing teeth and taking care of the gum around implants is really vital, and you should be visited by a dentist every three months.