There are many dentistry treatments that depend on laboratory, especially in prosthesis treatment which we need the coverage or smithereens of Customize. (Which will be designed and built for each patient especially). In the treatment such as implantation or Veneer, we need several sessions and plenty of time.


three-dimensional software and devices such as Intraoral Scanners (in which making frame is done) and MILLING MACHINE of that works like CNC ( computer numerical control), are able to build the parts of dental device by micron accuracy, makes this possibility to create very awesome experience of treatment for patients by digital dentistry system just in one session.


In digital implantation, we can finish the levels of putting implants such as designing three-dimensional in a computer, building parts, and final prosthesis, that are in one or both jaws that completely toothless, at the least time. In this method, the patient can experience putting implants without pain, bleeding in the recovering period.


Using of CAD/CAM in designing and building digital laminate creates this possibility to produce ceramic implants in twenty units from the basic levels till the advanced, just in one session. Providing a palatal scan, designing of a smile in software and producing of laminate in digital devices creates a very wonderful experience for patients.


Doing faster, high accuracy, comforting for patients and non- invasive treatment are the advantages of digital treatment. today’s technology is moving to decrease time beside high accuracy and durability in dental treatments.


Digital dentistry center of Dr. AliReeza Rezaei in Rasht with so much experience and having modern facilities respects to his patients and creates a treatment in one session.

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