common questions

which one has more Fracture risk Laminates Composite Or Ceramic?2019-06-10T13:23:14+04:30

Ceramic laminate can be broken less than composite one; so eating Solid food isn`t recommended that caused breaks laminate. it is noticeable that eating Solid food is also dangerous for usual teeth, so taking care of laminate depends on the patient.

Can lamination be removed from its place?2019-06-10T13:17:17+04:30

Yes, laminate can be separated such as teeth coverage, so if laminate separated, it rarely happens in the first two weeks, the patient would be visited with the prosthesis in office.

What is the difference between a digital implant compared with the routine implantation?2019-06-10T13:13:45+04:30

In the routine method of implantation which is common in Iran, the dentist cut the gum and put implants and then stitch it after.


 visiting and surveying radiography photo; then after some months put the second part of the implant(abutment).there are possibilities prosthesis problems, bleeding, pain, swelling and damage to the gum in this

method. but in the digital method first future prosthesis is considered and then the new implant will be predicated. the state of bone, blood vessels nerve and both jaws sinus will be surveyed; and also bone density and chosen suitable balance of implant is very vital for its area. so, the bones which don`t have any problem for implant, the process of surgery is really simple by this method and we don`t need to cut or bleeding in the gum but it is done by surgical guide software and punch it in its area then abutment will be made based on the size of teeth. the appearance of teeth will be usual because of using good materials such as zirconia.

Is there any way to do the implantation without gum surgery?2019-06-10T13:07:10+04:30

Yes, in digital methods all processes(state of bone, blood vessels, nerves, both jaws sinuses, bone density and balance of implant) Before the patient presents, implant placement will be indicated, and we don’t need surgery or bone graft while inserting the implant, and using the surgical guide implant is only punched in the targeted area.

How Many Mistakes Can Be happen in the Conventional Implant Placement in the Digital Method?2019-06-10T13:07:08+04:30

In the most optimistic situation, a surgeon can make around 35% mistakes, but in the digital methods, we can decrease our mistakes to below than 1%. the intraoral scanner, three-dimensional printers, and milling which is a kind of hardware machine can increase our accuracy and quality on implantation.

What is the vigilance for the day before surgery?2019-06-10T13:06:48+04:30

consider Using of chlorhexidine mouthwash 3 days before surgery, using painkillers can be effective before surgery for decreasing the after surgery’s pain ,and if you suffered from blood pressure, you should use your drugs regularly, in cases of suffering from gum infection antibiotics will be prescribed 3 days earlier ; and smokers must avoid smoking two weeks before the surgery.

What is the vigilance of after implant surgery?2019-06-10T13:06:41+04:30

Using regularly antibiotics in the first days and prevent usage of codeine or Corticoidrtin Drugs after surgery. avoid using alcoholic mouthwash and use antibacterial mouthwashes for 24 hours, eat cold and soft food after surgery, avoid using of Solid foods that can break or make a problem for implants or gum after surgery, and avoid Drinking wine or alcohol and smoking will be forbidden for 8 weeks.

do the usage of alcohol or cigarette have an effect on implantation?2019-06-10T12:57:19+04:30

Drinking alcohol can decrease the implantation success and caused some problems especially in the liver, lack of metabolism has bad effects on bone marrow and also bleeding or infection problem are possible, delay in restoration of the implanted area.


the nicotine that is Includes in cigarettes, may cause constriction of arteries to happen, therefore wounds will be healed much slower, decreasing blood flow to the desired area and the possibilities of infection would be increased. 


possibility of Implant failure in smokers increased  2 up to 2.5 times more compared with ordinary people, and in addition to increasing the probability of failure of implant treatment in the tissue area, also we will be having some problems.

Can the people who suffer from diabetes or underuse of anticoagulant drugs do implantation?2019-06-10T12:54:27+04:30

Placing implants in people who have well-controlled diabetes or Hba1c below 7 does not have any constipation, but increased levels can be very detrimental to post-implant surgery.


The best medicine for prevention is β-lactam antibiotics (a penicillin group) that are prescribed before and after surgery. Research has shown that there is a 5\10 % of implant failure in this case . the usage of Blood anticoagulants May cause bleeding during and after surgery. Perhaps the use of these drugs should be discontinued before surgery.

What are the differences between composite and ceramic laminate?2019-06-10T11:53:05+04:30

Composite laminate can be cut or changed in color; and also because of the composite`s structure it may have changed in color and after a while missed its beauty then make the distance between teeth and laminate. but ceramic laminate has more durable and high beauty and also changing in color and breaking are impossible.